ORF: Soko Kitzbühel - A corpse is always possible

"Free-spirited corpse wanted for Soko Kitzbühel." Of course I couldn't resist this interesting request. I'll tell you in this blog post how I fared on the shoot and what surprises awaited me there.

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Leopard briefs meet autopsy table

"Permissive corpse wanted for Soko Kitzbühel" - that was the request from my acting agency. As a love-struck publisher, I would be found dead in my holiday home in Kitzbühel. I thought that was quite exciting. But I was only convinced by the leopard pants I was found in. Who could resist that? However, there were a few unexpected surprises during the shoot. For example, if I had known that a pack of Viagra would be found next to me on the bedside table, I might have reconsidered. And yes, the steel autopsy table was as cold as it looks.

One pork belly please!

Before the shoot, I also had to provide a photo of my upper body so that the make-up artist could choose a spot for the bullet hole. I also had to shave my upper body because a pork belly was used for the close-up of the bullet hole. Why is that?

When they took the pictures at the post-mortem table, they put the piece of pork belly on my upper body. The bullet hole was drilled into it. Then it was modelled in such a way that it matched the colour of my skin. So when I was filming, the pork belly and my face were recognisable. However, due to the blurriness in the picture, you could not see any difference between my belly and the pig's belly.

My knowledge of method acting

As a newcomer to acting, it was also very beneficial for me during the shoot that I trained in Method Acting with Hermann Scherer in New York with Lee Strasberg in 2019. As a proficient graduate, I still knew that you have to draw on your own feelings in close-ups in order to appear authentic. So I spent two nights in the morgue in preparation. It's a bit smelly there and it's not warm either, but at least I didn't meet any vampires. By the way, I didn't have any voiceovers when I started my television career, but Charly Chaplin also started out in silent films.

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